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All images on this page are © copyright 2005 DSR crew, Buenos Aires, Argentina and the other artists shown. Photos thanks to Ghost.

flan_jazz_tmd_onc_dsr#26914.jpg Flan and Jaz in Barcelona, Spain see biggest

res_jazz_dsr_barcelon#26926.jpg Res and Jaz in Barcelona

poeta_pier_roma_jazz_#26922.jpg Poeta, Pier, Roma, Jaz

pier_marte_2005_dsr_b#26920.jpg Pier, Marte baires_dsr062005x.jpg MOS Argentina 2005

ksper_ghost_secm_pier#2691C.jpg Ksper, Ghost, Secm, Pier mart_dano_dsr_bs_as_a#2691E.jpg Mart, Dano

Poeta, Secm, Abser, Jaz, Repo, Roma


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