MARS 20, 2000


ISSUE # 22 

Underground writers
Report made by underground writer 2000. Edited and directed by Endstation. Copyright Endstation.
UNDERGROUND: 4 million years ago the first men walked upon the earth. After a bit of walking one of the brightest men suddenly got an idea: (I can't remember what the idea was about, but anyway...)

The bright man, shagged himself and populated the world. Soon the man and his new fellows lost control over who was who, and who's turn it was to do the dishes.

Targets of one of the latest trends.

Life was no longer only a matter of hunting, sleeping and sex, but rather hunting, sleeping, sex and getting attention by others.

Some people found special ways of getting attention; They carved pictures and texts into cave walls, scrathed on rocks and used colours to leave their marks at places where they had been. Those people all had one thing in common: They all got laid and therefore evolved into shiny happy people.

TN_mag22_all.jpg (1747 bytes)

TN_mag22_allall.jpg (1754 bytes)

TN_mag22_cut.jpg (1679 bytes)

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all - oslo

all all - oslo

cut - dortmund

dsf - hamburg

A few people weren't very expressive and got left behind. They never got any parners, no attention and no fun. During hundreds and hundreds of years they evolved into angry, boring and explosive people. Today these people sometimes are referred as police men.

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TN_mag22_nm.jpg (1289 bytes)

TN_mag22_intim.jpg (1628 bytes)

TN_mag22_iser.jpg (1919 bytes)
robit - liverpool

nm - liverpool

intim - prague

iser - amsterdam

In the veins of central London. So what happened to the shiny happy people when they moved out of their caves? Nothing really! They just found new ways of getting attention and new ways of getting laid. Today we are going to take a close look at one of the latest trends in this area: Graffiti on subway trains!

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TN_mag22_kaf.jpg (1873 bytes)

TN_mag22_kickcmp.jpg (1488 bytes)

TN_mag22_lirox.jpg (1816 bytes)

jas - stockholm

kaf - milano

kick cmp - amsterdam

zerok - berlin

Underground, subway, metro, u-bahn, tube... Beloved children have many names. Many capitals and larger cities has either tram or underground trains. Some of the most painted ones are Amsterdam subway, Rome metro (as seen in previous Endstation Magaine), Berlin u-bahn and of course New York subway where it all began.

TN_mag22_mazl1.jpg (1747 bytes)

TN_mag22_mazl2.jpg (1916 bytes)

TN_mag22_mint.jpg (1264 bytes)

TN_mag22_mint2.jpg (1169 bytes)
mazl - amsterdam

mazl - amsterdam

mint - prague

mint - prague

TN_mag22_pen.jpg (1308 bytes) TN_mag22_shenk.jpg (1991 bytes)

TN_mag22_shit.jpg (1809 bytes)

TN_mag22_skall.jpg (1598 bytes)

pen - stockholm

shenk - amsterdam

shit - amsterdam

sk all - oslo

These European cities all have subway trains today: Amsterdam - Athens - Barcelona - Berlin - Bilbao - Brussels - Budapest - Bucharest - Catania - Copenhagen - Dnepropetrovsk - Donetsk - Frankfurt - Genoa - Glasgow - Hamburg - Helsinki - Istanbul - Kazan' - Kharkov - Kiev - Lille - Lisbon - London - Lyon - Madrid - Marseille - Milan - Minsk - Moscow - Munich - Naples - Newcastle - Nizhny Novgorod - Nuremberg - Oslo - Paris - Prague - Rennes - Rome - Rotterdam - Samara - St.Petersburg - Sofia - Stockholm - Thessaloniki - Toulouse - Turin - Ufa - Valencia - Vienna - Warsaw.

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TN_mag22_thor.jpg (1729 bytes)

TN_mag22_tht1.jpg (1557 bytes)

TN_mag22_tht2.jpg (1601 bytes)

smd - amsterdam

thor - barcelona

tht - hamburg

tht - hamburg

And these following cities have some kind of MetroTram: Antwerpen - Bielefeld - Birmingham - Bonn - Charleroi - Cologne - Hannover - Kryvy Rih - Lausanne - Porto - Rhein-Ruhr-Area - Rouen - Stuttgart - Volgograd.
TN_mag22_thtsk1.jpg (1743 bytes)

TN_mag22_thtsk2.jpg (1770 bytes)

TN_mag22_thtsk3.jpg (1600 bytes)

TN_mag22_whatisthis.jpg (1860 bytes)
tht sk - oslo

tht sk - oslo

tht sk - barlelona

joe - amsterdam

The characteristics of a subway train is that it is smaller than long distance trains. Therefore, when a subway train is vandalised by graffiti, it may look more brutal because a relatively larger area of the car is covered in paint.

To paint a subway train is like leaving a note under Kjell Hultman's (SL - Stockholm) pillow. He will take it personal (underground writer)

TN_mag22_wholetrain.jpg (827 bytes) TN_mag22_ib.jpg (1656 bytes) TN_mag22_int.jpg (1761 bytes) TN_mag22_xray.jpg (1696 bytes)
whole train - prague

ib - stockholm

int - prague

x-ray - amsterdam

Endstation asked an underground rail worker about his opinion about graffiti on subway trains:
- I can't understand how these young vandals dare to walk around in the dark with this electricity so close... I mean, we are experienced rail workers with specialists training, and we still turn off the power before we even think about walking on the tracks.

An underground writer told Endstation that sneaking around in the tunnels of a subway system is like walking in the city's veins.
You don't know a city until you have seen the underground...

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