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2001, December 10
#31 Dresden: From chill to thrill!
40 trains - "The vandalsquad is well informed - but what can they do!? They watch us and we watch them!" Dresden is a city in the eastern part of Germany, and Endstation has been there.

2001, September 28
#30 Across the German Ruhr district
trains -
Once again we have visited the Dortmund and the rest of the Ruhr area. New s-bahn panels are running on the line as we talk to some of the most up writers...

2001, June 6
#29 Graffiti can't be
stopped 2001
60 trains - With the sketches piled up, cans well shaken and the belt tightly strapped they are ready for colourful destruction. But there are alot of risks involved in writing...

2001, May 17
#28 Brittish Steel Monkeys
30 trains -
One rainy day an Endstation reporter met up with a representative of the NM crew in the North of England. The writer that Endstation met knows what he is out for.

2001, March 16
#27 The Irish DART of Dublin
10 trains - Fed 1 guides us in the Irish yards of Dublin. The 30 minute actions,  the flat green panels and the problem with graffiti which he claims is "still to be spread around the country".

2000, September 20
#26 Interrail 2000 - They are all over!
50 trains - It's year 2000 and writers travel all over Europe to paint
trains. On the other hand, the vandal squad is using more sophisticated methods to try to catch them. Go to Prison!

A female writer!

2000, June 12
#25 A female in the game
50 trains - "I was left alone beside the huge train...". This girl got involved in the graffiti culture. Now she tells us her stories from the yards somewhere in Europe. 

2000, March 20
#24 Zagreb writers rock trains!
30 trains - New window-downs and panels rolling in a day light Croatia. Interview with Mr.Zagreb who tells us about the current situation.

Zagreb trains!

Bubble background forever!

2000, April 25
#23"Let's do bubble background"
30 trains - You all do bubble background once in a while, don't you? We talked to writers about bubble background and show you european bubble background panels.

2000, March 20
#22 Underground writers
30 trains - Underground, metro, subway, u-bahn & tube - You don't know a city until you have seen it's underground.

Underground of Paris

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2000, March 12
#21 "What does it mean BUFF??"
20 trains - "It's not possible to find a car completely clean, believe me, I've tried... every train is full of pieces, throw-ups, top to bottoms, end to ends and whole cars.

2000, February 21
#20 They call us vandals
2 trains - Interview: Malcolm Jacobson is a swedish photographer. "They call us vandals" is his book on Swedish graffiti. It contains a lot of good quality photos from all over Sweden.

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1999, January 29
#19 Stockholm in danger
20 trains - This is the history of Stockholm as a graffiti writer would tell it. Read about the civil police chasing vandals in the yards and underground of Stockholm.

1999, December 10
#18 The Fossil & the Fresher
48 trains - The story of the Fossil & the Fresher a night in the train yard. This is the second part of the interrail documentation from the summer 1999.

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1999, November 14
#17 Traveling for euro
steel 1999
53 trains -   Interrailing summer 1999. Inteview with Jeloe - an American writer on tour. Comments by European trainwriters about their graffiti dreams.

1999, august 1
#16 Påga tåga - south sweden trains!
38 trains - The paga commuter trains in the South of Sweden and the train writers in that area. Marvel, Heor and other locals tell us about the Paga train scene.

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1999, april 1
#15 Ich bin ein Berliner
33 trains - The totally bombed city Berlin in Germany. S-bahn and U-bahn trains. Interviews with Anis, Anxious and Steak over the situation.

1999, march 8
#14 Dortmund Haupt
Bahn Hof

31 trains - Dortmund would not be Dortmund if the local guys did not try to change the situation again.

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1998, december 10
#13 Copenhagen
trains pt. 2

35 trains - As usual a lot of panels run in Copenhagen. S-trains get covered by graffiti over and over again. But why trains?

1998, november 23
#12 Traveling Europe
30 trains - Endstation is a never ending source for anti-graffiti voulonteers. Someone says: "There are some things that just can't be controlled."

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1998, oktober 23
#11 Live from Croatia
41 trains - "The trains scene in Zagreb is fucked up!" Lunar tells us about graffiti in Croatia and he thinks it is better to do a TV-show if you are out for fame.

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