MAY 21, 2000


ISSUE # 24 

Zagreb writers rock trains!
Report made by Endstation(m) in May 2000. Interview with Mr.Zagreb in Croatia. Edited and directed by Endstation. Copyright Endstation.
As yo all know the world is full of beautiful people. Kim Appleby, Julia Roberts and Kim Appleby just to name a few. Nice girls come from all over the world, and now when the summer has arrived they seem to be everywhere.

I have seen alot of sexy girls, but why have I never seen any sexy boys? I have never ever seen a man and said: "Oh, my god what a sexy bloke, I think I get a hard-on!" I have never seen a nice guy, until I met Mr.Zagreb himself. What a body, what a soul, what a haircut, rock n' roll!
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The person we are going to meet today is more than a sexbomb. In fact, he is officially known as Mr Zagreb, although he kindly asked me not to tell the Endstation readers who he is. I said yes, but as you know reporters working for magazines do everything to reveal the truth. So give it up for the graffiti writer himself... Mr Zagreb!

mag24_1.jpg (11009 bytes) "Hi, I would like to talk about my country: Croatia, where writers do graffiti on trains. The main target is a short local city line connecting the eastern and western suburbs of Zagreb. Every single train has been hit by now! Some cars are covered end-to-end on both sides. There are not too many wholecars done, because Zagreb has only one yard with local trains. There are no underground or high speed trains here, but writers do alot of intercities."

Ok, that's the available targets: Trains! But why do writers in Croatia choose trains at all?

"I think it's for the same reasons as anywhere else in the world. Everyone has a mission, and everyone who has painted a train - even if just once - knows the difference between doing legal spots and trains."

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As the Endstation reporters have no personal experiences at all from graffiti on trains, we cannot agree on that point.

Croatia seems to be just like Croatia, which seems to be like any other European country. Mr. Croatia tells us as it is:

"Most visitors are surprised at how everything is more or less the same as any other European country, except that there are many beautiful trains and the women in the yard are not that hard to hit." [OK, I mixed up the two tagets there... /Endstation(m)]

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Zagreb is the capital of Croatian graffiti. Mr.Zagreb hopes to see more people getting interested in his country. "We have been around for a few years, and we finally have something to show you. Graffiti is quite a growing movement in Croatia. More trains get done and more trains run, which is a very important thing for the future of graffiti", Mr.Zagreb says.

During the interview I was more than excited by his muscular body, but I had to ask him about the girls. Mr.Croatia, what about the girls and graffiti?

-I don't know, Mr.Zagreb answered quietly. I am sad that there are so few girls involved. Girls are important everywhere, in graff as well. Without the girls we would disappear. That is a natural rule.

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Those of you who have got interested in the Croatian scene better check out the graffiti magazine "ZGBKaos". As a coinsidence, Mr.Zagreb happens to be a journalist and photographer working with this very "ZGBKaos" paperback magazine. He says the mag is "representing the Croatian graff scenes" but also worldwide scenes. So, Mr.Zagreb, how can we get our hands on any of your latest issues?

"You should be able to get it from "Tower Records" stores in the states, Canada, Mexico and Japan and in Europe from local hip hop shops. Or just get it from "From here to fame" distribution located in Cologne."

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mr ix

In this issue Mr.Zagreb has represented a country you have heard from before in Endstation Magazine issue number #11, when our reporter Lunar told us his story of Croatia. This is the end of Endstation Magazine issue number #24 and Endstation will soon report from an area near you. Please recommend this Magazine to a friend!

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