APRIL 25, 2000


ISSUE # 23 

Let's do bubble background
Report made by underground writer 2000. Edited and directed by Endstation. Copyright Endstation.
STYLES: New styles are coming up all the time, but there are a few things that never seem to fade in graffiti. Most graffiti writers are still using the same techniques as in the early years of NYC subway art. Most pieces have for example a text with outlines, fill-in and a background. With that in mind I dare to say that graffiti is a very conservative artform.

Not only the techniques used are unchanged; the overall styles has not changed alot, especially when it comes to the background. Alot of writers today are developing new styles but all writers seem to have one thing in common... You all do bubble background once in a while.
TN_mag23_aod.jpg (1487 bytes)

TN_mag23_blast.jpg (1986 bytes)

TN_mag23_eros.jpg (1764 bytes)

TN_mag23_koby.jpg (1999 bytes)
aod - denmark

blast - italy

eros - germany

koby - denmark

TN_mag23_ruzo.jpg (1777 bytes)

TN_mag23_aods.jpg (1902 bytes)

TN_mag23_bug.jpg (1776 bytes)

TN_mag23_fagorone.jpg (1587 bytes)
ruzo - germany

aods - denmark

bug - germany

fagorone - spain

After more than twenty years of development of style, alot of pieces still swim in a lake of bubbles. Todays Endstation Magazine will high-light this fact. We have spoken to a few writers about bubble background:

"When I have finished my actual letters and all important lines are on the train, nothing can compare with the feeling of doing a bubble background to smoothen the contrast between the letters and the underlying steel." swedish writer

TN_mag23_nevis.jpg (1518 bytes)

TN_mag23_sher.jpg (1816 bytes)

TN_mag23_aods2.jpg (1387 bytes)

TN_mag23_chip.jpg (1732 bytes)

nevis - france

sher - denmark

aod - denmark

chip - germany

"I just always do the same background I've done on every piece now. Bubbles in two different colours, a line around it and white hight lights if I've got time for it." norwegian writer

TN_mag23_gems.jpg (1580 bytes)

TN_mag23_pegh2.jpg (1618 bytes)

TN_mag23_shulo.jpg (1712 bytes)

TN_mag23_aon.jpg (1611 bytes)
gems - sweden

pegh - spain

shulo - spain

aon - germany

TN_mag23_dfg.jpg (1759 bytes) TN_mag23_golpe.jpg (1560 bytes)

TN_mag23_poagthae.jpg (1736 bytes)

TN_mag23_sot.jpg (1818 bytes)

dfg - germany

golpe - spain

thae - spain

so4 - chech

Bubbles? Me? No, sometimes I do like squares or something else. spanish writer

TN_mag23_arom.jpg (1574 bytes)

TN_mag23_dmos1.jpg (1915 bytes)

TN_mag23_homer.jpg (1525 bytes)

TN_mag23_rough.jpg (1513 bytes)

arom - england

dmos - denmark

homer - norway

rough - sweden

"Well, I would like to do something else, but I can't think of anything that looks good and is easy and quick to do on a train... so I always do bubbles. What's wrong with that? Alot of writers do bubbles!" french writer
TN_mag23_suer.jpg (1437 bytes)

TN_mag23_bier.jpg (1441 bytes)

TN_mag23_dumbo.jpg (1681 bytes)

TN_mag23_kid.jpg (1582 bytes)
suer - denmark

bier - sweden

dumbo - italy

kid - england

TN_mag23_rule.jpg (1712 bytes) TN_mag23_vale.jpg (1756 bytes)
rule - germany

your piece here...

...but not here

vale - italy

Just like arrows or 3-D's, a bubble background can tell alot about the rest of the style a writer has got. Some writers use one bubble on every side of the piece, other make their pieces swim in a bath of bubbles.

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