SEPTEMBER 20, 2000


ISSUE # 26

Interrail 2000 - They are all over!
Report written by Endstation(m) and an anonymous Austrian reporter - main  article published in Austrian newspaper 2000. Layout and translation by Endstation(m). Magazine copyright to Endstation.
The summer of year 2000 has been the toughest summer ever for national rail systems throughout Europe. Graffiti writers are more active than ever, and the main target is still trains trains trains!

The anti forces on the other hand - the transport police, the vandal squad - has gained more power and introduced more sophisticated methods to catch graffiti writers. In addition, several law suits against graffiti writers has lead to immidiate imprisonment. Not just in Denmark, but also Germany, Sweden, UK, Norway and the Netherlands.

Guards are also using more sophisticated methods to catch writers. In Stockholm for example, the Falck security guards are dressing up and acting just as any other graffiti writer. You wont notice them until they know they can catch you in action, or more often after the action.

mis - utrecht

bug - europe

chz - dortmund

femi y2k key arms - germany

keas - paris

robit - bruxells

sag - zurich

taxi - norway

The article feautured in this issue of Endstation Magazine was recently found in a Swiss newspaper:

"A few months ago five writers from Zurich were busted and imprisoned for  painting trains in Copenhagen, but the worldwide graffiti scene was not  discouraged at all. During all the summer writers once again went on tour through Europe in the search for adrenaline.


aimer - barcelona

chs - germany

chubs - zurich

funk - paris

leon pea - barcelona

moas vims - copenhagen

sires - utrecht

thtsk - barcelona

Copenhagen endstation: They came with the night train from Zurich and stacked up with more than 50 spray cans from the hiphop shop in Österbrogade. From there they went directly to one of the endstations where they happily covered a new s-train car owned by the Danish state railways.

But the police was lurking around in the area and soon busted the five youngsters who had to spend the rest of their summer holidays in a Copenhagen prison. The writers were between 18-22 years old and were sentenced to between 30-40 days of imprisonment due to the Danish newspapers. 

alf - zurich

chs - holland

cubs reask crew msn - copenhagen

geez - barcelona

lien - barcelona

players - utrecht

skar brem - finland

thtsk - barcelona

Valencia-Brugg tour: Four 19-21 year old Spanish writers were caught spray 
painting a train by cleaners in Brugg in Germany. In the chase the four 
youngsters tried to pick up some of the 200 spray cans that were hidden 
behind a kiosk. But soon the police came around and busted the writers and put 
them on the next train back to Valencia - Spain.

I stumbled over some graffiti websites and found out that it was just like browsing through some travel agency's catalogue for spray holidays. Hundreds of masterpieces on steel were collected from Paris, Hamburg, Copenhagen etc. In the online magazine Endstation graffiti on trains is a highly discussed topic: "Europe has never seen anything like it before. French writers, yes kids from France are even trying to learn English!

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waste ni lies mol - finland

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"Not easy to hit"
The most desirable train systems are obviously Berlin, London, Paris,  Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen. But Eastern European cities like Prag, 
Warzaw, Gdansk are also becoming more popular.

Just as break-dance and rap, graffiti is a part of the international hip-hop  culture. At hip-hop jams where rappers mainly battle each other, writers  meet to establish contacts across the borders and exchange knowledge. New crews are born in which they travel together through Europe to paint everything from subways to high-speed trains and from double-deckers to locomotives.

The mission
s a crew goes on a mission the trip is planned in detail and the spray cans are shaken. A report in Endstation says "It's a kind of a tribal dance before the onslaught". The writers also wear gloves to protect their hands from paint. The most important thing to bring is the camera since most trains are cleaned in the early morning the next day. Some writers seem to consider the photo more important than the actual piece. The photos are sent to graffiti magazines and web sites where they are officially published. "The more you are seen, the more fame and respect you get on the scene." says one writer to Endstation and another says its all about "Making people wonder how the fuck you did it". 

mboy - dortmund

rage- -copenhagen

skid - utrecht

viva las vegas - belgium

braco teask - zagreb

chs - warzaw

ensi vons - essen

int - paris


mhdvs ipos - holland

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"Writers work professionally"
As a writer has been active for a couple of years and is well known by the tag in his home country it is time to get the name up abroad says the writer "FTP". Then he tells the local writers about the good spots to hit trains. "If you know where and when you can also paint trains in daytime."

Experienced writers are aware of the situation in the other countries. Like the strict laws and exceptionally heavy sentences in England and Germany. And that the scandinavian subway writers bring baseball bats to the tunnels and that painted trains in Italy runs. "We work professionally" says FTP. 

Still they can get caught in any country and at any place. "No risk no fun" says FTP laconically about the case in Copenhagen. The judge did not discourage the youngster from Zurich. His next target is Copenhagen again!"

End of report. -endstation(m)

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