MAY 17, 2001


ISSUE # 28

British steel monkeys!
Interview with a representative of the NM crew. Report written by Endstation(m) Magazine copyright to Endstation.
ENGLAND: One rainy day an Endstation reporter met up with a representative of the NM crew in the North of England. We have to find out what is going on in that part of the international train scene. The writer that Endstation met knows what he is out for:

My main targets are trains, real trains! Not Sunday afternoon scraps or trainspotters restored trains or even heritage trains or locomotives! I mean the real deal passenger trains of the UK, the ones that run.... with people on them! I say this as I think that a lot of people in this country seem not to know what proper trains are!
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Endstation: Being a writer often can be hard. You have policemen trying to get you locked up, guards helping the police, civilians hating you and politicians doing what the people want. In addition a lot of writers bug other writers and beef is common.

I live in the north of England. and there are not really that many people writing near me, compared to other places in Europe like London or Berlin. There is obviously little beefs between people but this is not something that I get involved in, unless someone crosses me. The only real irritation is people always asking you stuff! Being nosy & such, If I want to tell someone something or show flix, I will. Why cant people just stop asking, for example.... What do you write, yes the other names!!.... Heard it too many times. Can't people just accept that you write!


nm liverpool subway



nevis (norway)





Endstation: As European writers are getting older and local yards are no longer what they used to be like, travelling are becoming an essential part of the graffiti culture. What is the situation like in your scene?

The things that I like about the UK are the adventures that you go on! There are not really that many places close to me to paint. So you have to travel and this can be very funny to say the least. Some of the things you see and experiences that you have are just unbelievable! I know that people travel a lot in the rest of Europe but this can be because they have to! Not because they like to.

The other main thing in the UK is time! When I have been abroad you can be hard pushed to get more than 15 mins in a yard! A great difference to a few hours or even all night which can be possible in the UK!


robit (sweden)

robit-cop (sweden)



ter (sweden)


ske (sweden)

Endstation: International graffiti magazines such as Bomber and Xplicit Graphx report from train scenes all over Europe. Every issue are stuffed with French, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and German trains. What about England and English train writers?

I think that the UK isn't really properly represented by any European graffiti magazine. Graphotism is ok but it seems to really be showcasing the work of other countries a lot at the moment. There are also many people who don't get on with the people at the Graphotism, so they wont send their stuff! The way forward is looking to be a magazine called 'hold no hostage'. The most recent issue showed proper insight into what goes on in the UK!

Endstation: The other major media to represent the UK scene is the Internet. Has Internet changed the situation in any way?

Well, Digital Jungle/ N-igma always has new fresh stuff and shows what really goes on in the UK. The only drawback here is that Internet is not accessible to the same sort of people. You cant carry it around with you like you would with a magazine and you cant rack it!





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Endstation: One of the most desirable rolling targets in the North of England is the Liverpool subway. It runs only on a few lines and most of its track is actually over ground, but most people still call it a subway. Northern Monkeys have been hitting the L'pool subway frequently for quite some time now.

The Liverpool subway well... Not what it used to be, things used to run and it used to be easy! That is not the case now, things do not run (most are ghosted straight out of service to be buffed) and it can be very hard to paint or catch trains in the yards.

End of report. -endstation(m)

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