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  JUNE 6, 2001


ISSUE # 29

Graffiti can't be stopped in 2001
Report written by Endstation(m) Magazine copyright to Endstation.
The sun isn't really shining but it sure is summer time again! Writers all over Europe are coming out of their pot holes ready to enter the yards. With the sketches piled up, cans well shaken and the belt tightly strapped they are ready for colourful destruction! Alot of writers can't wait to cause damage to other railway systems. Some writers will succeed, but then again some writers will (as Promoe from Loop Troop recently expressed himself) - suck seed...

Every state and every police force in all European countries are working offensively towards graffiti. And not only do they work against the colour pieces themselves, they are working hard to catch some of those stained vandals that are behind the pieces - the so called graffiti writers - as if it was their main priority.

all - oslo

bug - rurh area

pumone - copenhagen

gom - paris

john - italy

mazl - amsterdam

nicks - hamburg

phiy - stockholm

snow - spain

triller - holland

arom - hamburg

ceton - sweden

each - finland

hulk - belgium

kerns - sweden

moas - copenhagen

In my travelings throughout Europe I've listened to alot of stories about writers getting busted. Some more hardcore and filthy than others. As a graffiti writer this is what you should be prepare to face:

- Bomb outsides on an Underground in London: 1 month in Brixton Prison - sharing cell with other inmates.

- Make a panel on an X2000 train outside Stockholm: 2500 Euros and several meetings with a social worker.

- Do two panels in Germany: 3 weeks in a cell just for the investigations.

- Take photographs of a Copenhagen s-train: Busted and put in a cell for investigation.

- Paint some panels in Copenhagen: Investigations including DNA-detection of found hair, and facing prison.

panda - italy

poo - rome

stig - holland

vims - copenhagen

badly - finland

chech flag - chech republic

ensi - holland

point - belgium

khc - stockholm

moa - copenhagen

patriots - belgium

rule - ruhr area

taylor - france

vims - copenhagen

blink - chech rep

chip - dortmund

faze - copenhagen

int gucci - chech rep

kond - italy

moa - copenhagen

Those who consider these facts as nonsense or are prepared take the chance, good luck the steel is yours. Those of you who are not, there are alot of legal walls out there that needs refurbishment.

pegh - madrid

safir - germany

taylor - france

vims vims - copenhagen

bug - ruhr area

clinton - france

foot - italy

isak - hamburg

like - berlin

mol ps - holland

pegh - madrid

seek - germany

tht - oslo xxx - italy bug - dortmund dash - rome
gems - gothenburg jly - stockholm love - marseille msn - copenhagen
phily - hamburg girls - holland triller - holland yout - italy

And now a message to all policeforces throughout the world fighting graffiti writers:
As chances of getting caught are increasing, the props for a successful mission is greater!

End of report. -endstation(m)

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