Art Crimes: Los Angeles 119

All artwork © copyright 2008 the artists. Please send corrections to and mention LA page 119.

Meeting of Styles 2007 - Photos by Baes. Some of these photos are of unfinished pieces. If you have a better photo you've taken of any of them, please feel free to send it to us and say which page it goes on.

1810_baes_la_mos07x.jpg TITS 1726_baes_la_mos07x.jpg ?, TITS, Frame, Ezra 1728_baes_la_mos07x.jpg Cyber, Drastik

1729_baes_la_mos07x.jpg ? 1730_baes_la_mos07x.jpg Bleek 1733_baes_la_mos07x.jpg Rasha

1817_baes_la_mos07x.jpg VC 17_baes_la_mos0700x.jpg VC 1735_baes_la_mos07x.jpg Visions Crew

1736_baes_la_mos07x.jpg VC 1819_baes_la_mos07x.jpg VC 1737_baes_la_mos07x.jpg Mock


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