Art Crimes: Los Angeles 15

All artwork is © copyright 1995 the artists. Photos thanks to Louis Cameron.

Here's a look at a lot that many people didn't know about, inHuntington Beach, Orange County, California. It consisted of a longstretch of walls on the berm of the beach where the City of Huntington Beachhad legalized painting. This lot was an incredible place to paint, itwas near the ocean and the weather was great. But, like all good things this lotdid not last long. After a couple of good years, 1991-1993, the city declared theplace a no-painting zone and buffed the walls. This action was caused by thepolitical bureaucracy of the city, which is the downfall of so many other lots.This lotattracted such crews as UTI, NASA CREW, and AWR from Los Angeles to the SanBernardino Valley. The pieces shown here are only a small sample of the activitythat took place while the wall was most active. -- Louis





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