Art Crimes: Montreal 9

All images on this page are © copyright the artists. Photos were taken in 2000 by Matt Isles, from San Francisco CA, USA. Please send caption corrections to and mention Montreal 9.

Underpressure Jam Late '90s, many out of towners:
montreal_1999_1x.jpg Jazi, Dekor, Esprit montreal_1999_3_cedx.jpg Ced montreal_1999_4x.jpg ?

montreal_1999_5_subx.jpg Sub montreal_1999_6_amox.jpg Amo montreal_1999_7_ces_el_cidx.jpg Ces, El Cid

montreal_1999_8_el_cidx.jpg El Cid montreal_1999_10x.jpg ? montreal_1999_9_sewx.jpg Sew

montreal_1999_16x.jpg ? montreal_1999_11_gor_airx.jpg Gor, Air montreal_1999_12x.jpg ?

montreal_1999_14_m31x.jpg M31 montreal_1999_15_waterx.jpg Water

montreal_1999_13_swift_m31_lyre_prismx.jpg Swift, M31, Lyre, Prism


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