Art Crimes: New York 16

All pictures on this page are © 1996 by Omar FlyID

This is near the Hunts Point freight yard in the South Bronx. Next to this I wrote in big letters, "eyesore?!?!? what!!!!" Graffiti writers like to put funny quotes in their work, sometimes direct threats or challenges

Swatch spaghetti throwup, this is near the 2/5 yard, I had just caught an evil case of poison oak from sneaking into the yards the day or two before, so my arms swelled up like popeye, so the funny thing is I couldn't even bend my arms. My hands where all getting puffed up that it became hard to move my fingers, what else would you expect to happen to someone who sneaks into the train yard by cutting through dense forest with a machete like he's Indiana Jones

Swatch throwup piece. This piece was done under a bridge right next to the bus and train yard in the Bronx.....

"Robot 182" by Swatch, sometimes I feel like a robot, and I'm also a big fan of science fiction, instead of tagging Swatch or SW, sometimes I just paint robots, or tag up Robot,Tilt or Omar.

silver/yellow/blue throwup piece by Swatch. This was something I busted out quick on a handball court in the Bronx, I had to stick around and wait for SMK, Baron and Clark to finish


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