Art Crimes: New York 165

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Story about 5Pointz's demise
image of article

Photos by Head, in November 2013 of 5Pointz in NYC before it was buffed. Please help correct mistakes.
see it biggest Bode characters by Esn

see it biggest see it biggest - Zeso

Python, Panic Meloy, Shiro characters, Switch2, Samp3

? ??

ADB, Cram, ? Merk, Stone

Repo, Charm, Dare, Sey, Zerok, MrIce, Dane2, Dingo, See, PK, KID, ?, Soel

OTM: ??, Meres RKD.UAS: Statik, Gape, Zero, Poem, Same, Bel, Lillee 174

Shiro, Part, Yesone, Meres Meres, Toofly


City Walls

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