Art Crimes: New York 69 - Harlem Hall of Fame 2003

Images © 2003 the artists. Photos by Fargo and thanks to LadyK except as marked. Please send in correct captions to so we can give proper credit for these crew walls. Mention New York 69. If we are missing some pieces from this year's event, please send them in.

tats_hof_2003_fargox.jpg BG183.TATS tats_crew_1x.jpg Nosm.TATS tats_3_hof_photo_fargo1x.jpg Bio.TATS p6300108x.jpg How.TATS tats_hof_2003_photo_fargo1x.jpg Nicer.TATS

hof2003x.jpg TATs wall (photo by Reno) with Sen2 (cut off) 2003nyhof.fargox.jpg Hef cod_1_2003nyhof_fargox.jpg Goal (Norway) and Bates (Denmark) cod_2003nyhof1x.jpg "Paroc" by Par.TC5 cod_2003nyhof2x.jpg Wen.COD cod_2themo_2003nyhofx.jpg Themo.PFE cod_persue_fargo_2003nyhofx.jpg Wen and Persue demer_nyhof2003_fargox.jpg Demer kel_mare_2003yhofx.jpg Kel 1st and Mare139 nyhof2003_photo.fargox.jpg NYC Lase

Toofly, Fever, Muck, QA, Acet


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