Art Crimes: New York 70 - Harlem Hall of Fame 2003

Images © 2003 the artists. Photos by Fargo and thanks to LadyK except as marked. Please send in correct captions to so we can give proper credit for these crew walls. Mention New York 70. Please send any missing or better flix to the address above.

phade_tfc__2003nyhof_fargox.jpg Phade.TC5 Kaves

psycho_tcf_fargo1x.jpg Psycho quik_hall_of_fame_2003_1x.jpg Quik

revolt_hurst_nyhof2003x.jpg Revolt and Hurst, characters by Doves tcfivel_doc_cycle2003nyhofx.jpg Doc, Cycle

tcfivel_juice_seen2003nychx.jpg Juice, Seen tcfive_magoophoto_fargo1x.jpg "Pub" by Magoo2, character by Shok1 (UK), painted by Stan153

tcfive_stan_153_2003nfargox.jpg Stan 153 teabag_aka_chain3_2003hofx.jpg Teabag (Chain3)

(top) Part.TDS, Muse.Wallnuts, Per.FX, Eaz.FX (bottom) Flite1 (unfinished) Phyme, T-Kid, Dez, Cope2

busted_pckid2003nyhofx.jpg artwork and photo by PC Kid


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