Reas Interview

Part 2

AC: What crews are in or have you been down with?
Reas: Early on SNS Renard's KGB TDT. Then BYI AOK COD RIS.

AC: Who influenced you in the beginning? Do you count anyone as an influence?
Reas: Everyone who was doing it when I started. But closely I'd say Ghost.

AC: Why did you start writing?

For the fun and the fact that a young kid like myself then could go do something expressive whether just a tag or a piece. And it was our own thing.

AC:Has your reason for writing changed at all?
Reas: Yes, and I don't really consider myself an active writer. It interests me but the whole thing changed with time so it's not even the same itself.

AC:In that kids don't take it as seriously? Or that people buy their paint or zines, or what?
Reas: I don't know if they take it seriously or not. I see stuff so I guess they do, it's just totally different in many ways. The one thing remains--writing a name.

AC: What are the differences between what's going on today and what you were doing back when you started? Are these differences good, bad or indifferent?
Reas: I don't identify with it the same. It's two totally different things. Maybe more than two. As long as the "writers" now enjoy their version of it, that's cool.

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