Reas Interview

Part 3

AC: What about the clean train "movement"? Is it cool, or not even worth mentioning?
Reas: I think most people know what I think and have done.

AC: Could you maybe talk about some of the stuff that you and Ven did after the trains first started really being buffed? Was there anyone else bombing them with you then?
Reas: For a year no one really, only about 15 people. It was really a joke. It was never easier.

AC: What do you think of freights? Ever done any?
Reas: I've done some. They can be fun.

AC: What do you think of Europe and graffiti?
Reas: It depends on who's doing it. I do have one thing to say, I think some of the stuff is very imaginative and I don't mean techniques, like some letters are very good. I know some cool guys from there and I really had great fun.

AC: Where have you painted in Europe?
Reas: Amsterdam, Norway, London. I've been to other places also.

AC: Is/was there any train scene that rivaled what you knew in New York?
Reas: Don't make me laugh.


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