Dream, RIP

February 17, 2000 Dream was murdered in Oakland, shot by person(s) unknown.

Our love goes out to the TDK, KTD, QMC, TFP, TMC, and FC crews and to the rest of Dream's family and friends.

Dream was one of the most well-respected old-school Oakland kings, a teacher and friend to many writers worldwide. He will be missed forever.

If you would like to contribute your photos of Dream, his work or your stories about him to a memorial book, please send email to dream@transistor6.com or call Vogue at (510) 481-2201.

Proceeds from the book and other upcoming benefit activities will go to Dream's 1-year-old son, Akil.

Contributions payable to Akil Francisco can be sent to:
Akil Francisco c/o Sanwa Bank
2127 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612

bank phone: (510) 444-5636

Routing: 122 00 3516

Here are a few of his flix we have gathered from the San Francisco Bay Area city walls section.

with Spie, 1999

1989 1990

with Merx"TDK, 1990 with Siner

1995 with Raevyn, 1989

1990 1989-90

Thanks to Refa for sharing these:

Dedications and Memorials to Dream

Official Dream.TDK site: dreamtdk.com

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