Art Crimes: San Francisco Bay Area 85

Artwork © copyright 2005 the artists. Please send corrections to and mention SF 85.

Photos courtesy of Refa1. Paintings from 2002.

2002fruitvalesfbr1ex.jpg Poem 2002fruitvalesfbr1fx.jpg Poesia 2002fruitvalesfbr1cx.jpg Natrl refa2002oakland01x.jpg Tyboe 2002fruitvalesfbr1bx.jpg Beg 2002fruitvalesfbr1gx.jpg Yosher

You can see this in one photo at Connected Worlds
2002fruitvalesfbr1ax.jpg Gyro and Refa 2002fruitvalesfbr1hx.jpg Pastime

2002fruitvalesfbr1ix.jpg Bsaro, Buter, Kebs 2002fruitvalesfbr1jx.jpg Bsaro, background and foreground by ?


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