Art Crimes: St. Louis 18

All artwork is © 2005 the artists. Artwork was done primarily in 2000 at the Paint Louis event, but some are from 2001 and 2002 as well. Photos are courtesy of Andrew. Send corrections to and mention St Louis 18. This event was documented in the 2005 DVD, "Graffiti Limbo" which can be found at

stl00_02drrevoltx.jpg Dr Revolt stl00zephyrx.jpg Zephyr

stl00_saberx.jpg Saber stl00_pushx.jpg Push (roller piece!)

severpaintlouis2000x.jpg Sever (photo by Eklips)

stl00_totem2charx.jpg Totem2 stl00_totem2char2x.jpg Totem2

Ewok.COM battle piece (please send in Ewok.AWR's piece)

stl00_ms_shermx.jpg Ms Sherm stl00_revokx.jpg Revok

stl00_robone_rip_awolx.jpg Rob One.CBS.Shapeshifters RIP by Awol stl00_voxx.jpg Vox


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