Art Crimes: Freight Monikers 4

These images are © copyright 2003 the artists. Photos are courtesy of McKinley Alvarez. Please send caption corrections to and mention Freight Monikers 4.

Note that a couple of the photos on the next two pages are dissed. It is not our intention to repeat the disrespect by showing these, but to highlight the often conversational nature of this type of graffiti.

betteroffdeadx.jpg Better Off Dead

The rest by Colossus of Roads (aka BuZ Blurr) (last ones buffed and dissed).

colossus102001x.jpg colossuslshaynesx.jpg colossusolddogx.jpg colossusquosdeusx.jpg colossussmithsonianx.jpg colossustvx.jpg colossusdissedx.jpg goofysezx.jpg


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