Art Crimes: Switzerland 2

All artwork on this page is © copyright 2003 the artists. Please send caption corrections to and mention Switzerland 2. Photos are courtesy of Ice of Emity.

doze_basel_92x.jpg Doze, in Basel 1992 ftp_basel_90x.jpg FTP in Basel, 1990

ice_d0010219x.jpg Ice of Enmity, in ?, ? kim_zurich_90x.jpg Kim in Zurich, 1990

lord_moniac_basel_92x.jpg Lord Moniac in Basel, 1992 mistone_zurich_91x.jpg MistOne in Zurich, 1992

mode2_basel_91x.jpg Mode2, in Basel, 1992 tnt2rebel_basel_90x.jpg TNT2, Rebel, in Basel, 1990

torch_mode2_bale_91x.jpg Torch, Mode2, in Bale, 1990 zebster_mode2_basel_91x.jpg Zebster, Mode2, in Basel, 1991


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