Before you are a race, religion or occupation you are a human being, the greatest of all animals. The dumbest, most ignorant thing said, is, 'I'm only human.' Statements like these, demean, lessen and cut down the true existence of being human.

Now, if you wish to exist as a cat or a dog or a goat or any other animal other than human, this book isn't for you. But, if you are constantly going to take pride in calling yourself a human being, then you should act accordingly.

The barbaric educational system teaches anti-humanism; they'll make you believe that you can have human rights without human duties. There are actually things that the human being must do in order to manifest as human. One of those things is thinking.

The human being must think in order to survive. We can't breathe under water, we can't fly, nor can we run fast, so we've got to think in order to survive. When you tamper with a bird's wings you mess up its daily life, likewise for the human; when you tamper with a human's mind you mess up its daily life. The barbaric educational system, tampers with the process of thinking with labels, symbols, letters, numbers and accumulated lies. So humanism is never achieved, because the human being must think to survive.

Example, when you go to school, they give the answer to all your questions. Two or three months later they test you on if you remember the answer or not; this is not thinking, this is memorizing. And when you go through your entire life using memory and not intellect, any problem that you're confronted with that you don't remember how to deal with, you can't deal with. Mainly because you don't remember how to deal with it. Ultimately you become trapped, you can't move because you don't remember how to move. The barbaric educational system is based on memorizing lies.

One of the first signs of intelligence in any human is asking questions, then debating answers. But if you never get to ask a question, how can you debate any answer. Some people might say in school, "Yeah you can ask questions in school," wrong, you only ask about what you can remember to ask about. The entire system is based on memory, not intellect.

For example, everyone knows Christopher Columbus did not discover America, he killed and robbed and destroyed the indigenous populations or the Indians of America. But to pass your class, you'll put down on paper, Christopher Columbus discovered America, knowing this is a lie. It seems as though the grade of A+, B or C is greater in significance than actually having the facts.

This is barbaric and backwards. If your teacher was to ask you, 'What is American history?' And you told the teacher kidnap, murder and theft, in addition to some other good things, you would fail your class even though it's the truth. Ultimately this is a crime.

When birds can't fly, fish can't swim, and human's can't think, we've been tricked and blind-folded to our own human consciousness. We have been tricked into the consciousness of "me, myself and I," and "it's all about me."

These statements are self-destructive because humans can only progress around other humans in a human environment. The anti-human is headed for self-destruction while the human being is headed for self-construction.

There can be individual groups of human beings but anti-humans are groups of individuals. The true manifestation of the human being is to serve humanity. The true manifestation of the anti-human is humanity serving one human.

The human being gets worked on in three ways; politically, educationally and religiously. Keep in mind, the religious system and the educational system come out of the political system. First they take your land, then they take your mind, then they take your soul and the human being is made a slave.

People with Ph.D.s, Psychological Human Disorders, usually administer what we have coined as CSDS, Common Sense Deficiency Syndrome. All of humanity is afflicted with this illness. Before any illness, CSDS is the first illness.

Before you contract any disease, first you lose your common sense. Before you wrap your lips around the crack pipe, first you lose your common sense. CSDS blocks our rational thinking and has you thinking in an irrational way, due to a lack of common sense.

Without common sense, correct thinking is impossible. And when correct thinking turns into incorrect thinking, what follows is incorrect anti-human beast-like actions.

No one in school is studying intellectualism (the science of Human intellect). As we pointed out, school is a system of memory, the question is where did such a system come from and why?

If you don't know the history of the author of a book, you don't know the book. You're only reading 50% of the book when you don't have the history of the author.

For example, I could be an author that is also a murderer of white women but if I never told you in my book, you would never know. The question is, what if I wrote the Bible and you're living my laws because I told you I was inspired by God - or - what if I was a racist and hated most races especially the African race, at the same time I was an archaeologist looking for the original man. If I'm a racist, I'll never look in Africa for the original man because I don't respect African people. I'm going to look in Europe and Australia and teach the world scientifically that the European is the original man, especially if I'm European. This egotistically makes me the superior man. If your teacher is a murderer, you'll learn to be one too.