The school system teaches kids how to steal, murder and hate one another and the school yards are the practice grounds for these thoughts. The individual actions of principals, teachers, deans, etc., is unimportant when compared to the educational system as a whole. The educational system of learning is old, it does not satisfy the human consciousness of this day and age.

Let's look at the English language. The nature of the English language is theft. It's a language that steals from other languages to create its own language and style, any English teacher should know that!

English, mathematics, science, art, history, etc., etc., including lunch has been stolen. If you notice, when thieves steal things like computers but fail to study computer science, all they can do is maybe punch up their names, turn it on, or turn it off. They'll never get the full benefit from that computer, because they didn't have knowledge of what they stole.

The same formula applies with the history of the educational system. Most of the subjects we study have been stolen from Africa and Asia and other parts of the world. The thieves are teaching you their own ignorance. (For more information on who stole from who, check out Stolen Legacy by George M. James.)

The dumbest public argument was the whole censorship issue in 1990. Everyone asked all types of questions like, "Why are you so explicit? What is art? What is obscenity? Etc., etc., etc., there is too much violence in movies and this and that and the other." No one asked the question, "Who taught the masses to respect sex and violence?"

Women go to rock concerts in the thousands to be called bitches, sluts, hoes. They'll even buy recordings of the artist of their choice, and be called bitches in the privacy of there own home. They've been taught to feel like bitches, but they don't actually want to be bitches. So their idea of letting go at the end of a day is being called "BITCH!" at a very high volume. They know they're not bitches, but for a $20 concert ticket they'll put away their common sense and allow themselves to morally, subconsciously and in most cases, physically screwed on stage and off. This is CSDS!

Who taught the masses of the people that watching other people die is entertainment or that feeling terrified in front of a screen is a nice way to spend the evening with a loved one. First, we must cure the common sense so that we can have intellect and not only memory.

Memory is a good tool of the intellect and intellect is a good tool of common sense. If our recording artists are explicit, someone had to teach them how to be explicit. Being obscene or explicit isn't something like sight or hearing. It isn't something you were born with.

You must be introduced to obscenity to even know it exists. Then you must be taught obscenity. Then obscenity must be put into practice. The same concept applies to being racist.

For example, you can have a European two year old, an Asian two year old, an African two year old and an Indian two year old all playing in a room filled with toys. Let's say the Asian child's mother comes in the room and says, "O.K. Bobby it's time to leave." He'll fight his mother to continue playing with his African, European and Indian friends.

What happens when you go to school is you are stripped of your common sense. Without common sense they can tell you Jesus was white and you'll agree. It doesn't matter what color Jesus was until you change the color. When you do things like this you kill humanity and any hope for civilization.

For any group of people to progress they must be in touch with the teachings of their ancestors. If all you see is your ancestors in chains as slaves, you'll follow that pattern of slavery subconsciously. When a race of people can't refer to the wisdom of their ancestors they repeat the same mistakes, thus hindering any progress for civilization. We must have history to move forward.

Many of us have been tricked into believing that we are living in a civilization as civilized human beings. Wrong!

Civilization hasn't even begun yet. Civilization is an advanced stage in social development. Technology, is the science of mechanical and industrial arts, it is not civilization.

Just because we have fast cars, boats, planes, we could go to the moon, we have medicine, this does not make us civilized. Being civilized implies being human. The true purpose of the human is to serve humanity. If you are not working for the advancement of humanity, you are anti-human.

Educational systems that administer false history and psychologically degrading history, are teaching anti-humanism. These systems must be modified.