That's the solution? Many people might think, jokingly, that Kris Parker's solution to the educational system is to wire each building up state by state, city by city, wire them up with high powered explosives on down to one radio programmed button, and stand somewhere far off and press the button, several times.

Fortunately, I am a civilized individual. I found out a way in which we can permanently do away with ignorance once and for all. But the revolution is not about us running down the street shooting at the enemy, or shooting at who we think is the enemy.

Remember, we are all afflicted with CSDS. Keep in mind, when you wish to change anything, the revolution starts in the mind. Change the way you think and you will change the environment around you. It is that simple. Look in the mirror and change what you see there, first before anything else.

But, to all teachers, principals and deans, I urge you all to analyze your tired, boring techniques of teaching and learning and develop a more modernized system; not for my own self-gratification but to save your own life from your own students. Nothing I say in these writings are lies. Nothing I say in these writings are irrational. You have lost control of your students due to an outdated educational system. Students of all grades are very advanced because they live in a very advanced environment. Why hasn't the educational system advanced with them?

Adding computers and younger teachers to the classroom, isn't advancement. Advancement for humans is learning the techniques for advancing humanity. The educational system presently teaches students how to be American, not Human.

Understand this point, before you are a race, a religion or an occupation, you are a human being. This should be the first lesson studied in all classrooms or, there should be a course from kindergarten on up to college on humanism. One of your subjects should be humanism, if you are a human being and must exist amongst other human beings.

But in order to solve the problem of the educational system, we must dig up the roots of the educational system and its roots lie in slavery. Slavery is only half abolished. Most slaves couldn't read or write or count. They were property of those who could read, write and count. Ultimately, being educated and being free from bondage is the end of slavery.

As long as you aren't educated, you still have half the characteristics of a slave. A slave, knew only a little of his culture. How much more of our culture do we know today?

Sportspersons, recording artists., etc., are forms of slaves; you are owned, bought and sold, simple. Men with votes and no education are still slaves.

How can you abolish an act without improving or correcting the wrong done by the act? That's like saying we have a cure for the disease, so the disease is abolished, but all the people that have been affected by the disease won't get the cure. They'll be told of the cure.

That's what the Emancipation Proclamation was. They ended the physical concept of slavery, but not the psychological or physical concept of the slave.

This is the root in dealing with the edcuational system. We must understand where such a system came from. And we must understand who benefits from the system or who has been benefiting from the system and who has not been benefiting from the system. If two men start on a race, but one is a mile ahead of the other one, of course they will not end up at the finish line together. This is the problem, with education in America.