We shall now begin to correct certain history you've been taught, just this brief bit of history, the part about the slave being free. There is no such thing as freedom for a slave.

The Emancipation Proclamation declared that on January 1, 1863, "All persons held as slaves within a state or part of state in armed rebellion were declared free." So when the war ended in 1865, America had no businesses, no way to make money, because before the war cotton and other plantation products were the main base of its technology. When the Civil War broke out, money was made on war. When the war was over, America's economy was lost. White men were starving. So a million and a half slaves went back into slavery due to America's economy and the miseducation of the slave.

Again, Lincoln never freed anyone. Let me say that again, Lincoln never freed anyone because of one simple fact: how can you free a slave?

Lincoln clearly said, "I freed the slaves." How can you free a slave? Lincoln did not go to a land called "Slaves" and get slaves. Lincoln and some of his ancestors went to Africa and got Africans. The contract should read, "I now free the African man and woman all over the nation" It did not read this, it said, "I free the slave" which means, "I see you as a slave so you'll always be a slave, and I free you as a slave."

Slave! The only reason why we are not whipped and forced to work for nothing now is because of technology. Technology advanced as so did the job of the slave. But the educational system fails to realize or refuses to realize that if you do not teach a man or woman their culture, they are insane to themselves. And when they become insane to themselves, obviously, they are crazy, and their actions seem just. They act insane to their own humanity, they do not know themselves.

We need to teach people their culture, get people back on their track. Get Africans, Europeans, Asians and Americans (this means the people that are indigenous to America) back on track. Everyone needs to know African history because African history is the world's history. Everyone needs to know European history, everyone needs to know Asian history and real American history in order for everyone to understand everyone.

Lincoln did not free the slaves. Lincoln tried to end the physical concept of slavery, but the psychological concept of the slave was never freed. The psychological concept of the slave is that the slave could not read, the slave could not write, the slave could not count. Therefore, the slave did not know his culture.

How much more of our culture do we know today? We don't even speak our own language. We don't even wear our own clothes. We don't even wear our hair the same way we used to wear our hair. We are not ourselves anymore, due to our education.

The education in America must be modified. And in order to modify the education in America, we must know the truth about slavery. We must know the truth about the effects of slavery because we are reaping those effects right now, in this century, in this decade, in this month, in this day. Keep in mind, there were whites that did not have slaves but believed in slavery or there were whites that didn't have slaves but believed that slavery was justified according to their Herronvoke democracy theory, which was the belief in equal superiority of all who believed in the Herronvoke, the master race.

The Herronvolke (German word for: master race) concept had power appeal in both the North and the South. William L. Yancy, a Southern rights champion states, "Your fathers and my fathers built this government on two ideas. The first is that the White race is the citizen and the master race and the White man is equal to every other white man. The second is that the Negro is the inferior race.

The Declaration of Independence, in this interpretation, affirms that all White men were created equal. The man who wrote that declaration was a slave holder, President Andrew Jackson. And the Jacksonian democrats aggressively championed White Supremacy.

Their Herronvolke ideology helped attract Irish and unskilled workers in the North to the Democratic Party, for it proclaimed, "No matter how poor you might be, you are still better than Blacks." Just like the southern slave holders, they feared the Emancipation Proclamation because it would render their whiteness, meaningless.

Governor Wise of Virginia said, "Break down slavery and you would with the same blow destroy the democratic principal of equality amongst men." The South was for slavery because of economics and the North was for White supremacy. Both hated the African.

The South was known to be more paranoid of Black people because of the revolts of Nat Turner.

Lincoln made it clear on July 4, 1861, that he had no purpose directly or indirectly to interfere with slavery. That war was fought to uphold the constitution that protected slavery. The Union fought for the constitution not for the freedom of the African. On August 22, 1862, Lincoln said, "My paramount objective in this struggle is to save the Union and is not eager to save or destroy slavery. If I can save the Union without freeing any slave, I would do that. And if I could save it by freeing all of the slaves, I would do that," and it goes on. So the war turned into a fight for freedom to save the Union or the Constitution.

This is the ultimate form of ignorance. This is what the educational system has been built on. This ideology and this concept is what we are experiencing right now in 1992. But sadly enough, even the principals, deans, students, and teachers of all grades and all colors and all creeds have not realized this because it was even hidden from them.

The educational system must be modified. The educational system must be uprooted and it must be redone. We are living in a very advanced age and the educational system has not advanced with the age. The educational system presently needs to be modified. This is the only solution to the educational system on a whole. You must understand where it came from, how it was put into place and who taught who what.