By Ready Z for R4R



    You must have been, When you went in,
To serve them,
    They ain't your friend, ain't never been,
Just a foe,
    You didn't know, So off you go,
And if you,
    Get out you got nuttin' ta show, Ho,
But damages,
    Blood and bandages,
How did you manage this,
    I know you didn't plan this,
Look at you,
    A bullet catcher on a stretcher,
You're near dead,
    In bed with lead in your head,
In the sand without water,
    Led to slaughter,
Following an order
    To cross a border,
Swallowing morter shells,
    Another brother fell,
Staying, laying and preying
    In this desert hell,
Taking Iraq
    By taking the Blacks to attack,
Like hoes in a pack,
    It's a fact, the way we act,
The Brothers on the scene are gettin' splattered,
    While the war machine is mean and gettin' fatter,
By selling tanks and missles,
    Bombs and pistols,
While dissin' you,
    Trickin', dickin', and enlistin' you,
We lack the common sense to see the real deal,
    That we ain't nothing but crumbs in a pimp's meal.
Cause to them the war is just another business,
    Rich folks don't give a damn, which side wins this.
In a flash,
    Burning up the taxpayer's cash,
Just to mash,
    Watch ya money turn to ash.
For one shot,
    Droppin' a knot, spendin' a lot,
On the spot,
    Shoot off a Patriot,
Shootin' Scuds,
    Protecting thugs,
Laying bombs like a rug,
    On soldiers deeply dug,
In the Earth,
    To protect the land of their birth,
Cause they know what this war and their life is worth,
    But do you and if you do what will you do,
When they say,
    Its time for you to make your move,
To the front,
    To catch the brunt of the hunt spot,
Now its time,
    You got to try and dodge the gun shot,
From both sides,
    Cause the jets on your side will figure,
They could slide,
    Who cares about another dead nigger,
Yeah, "Nigger",
    Rememba that when ya squeezing the trigger,
A title,
    The name that America gives ya,
Not the Arab,
    They didn't play that,
Uncle Sam is the man that say that.

Zizwe © 1992