Art Crimes: Victoria 20

All artwork is © copyright 2004 the artists, in Victoria, Canada. Photographs by Lee Glasgow . Please send comments, questions, and photo captions to and mention Victoria 20.

vic_2003121x.jpg Type vic_2003123x.jpg Trust

vic_2003122x.jpg Effect, Bear, Samebiter

vic_200312_hypex.jpg Kerb, Hype

vic_200312_kwotax.jpg Sight 2003vic_abel_tapex.jpg Absr, Type

2003vic_absex.jpg Absr 2003vic_bc_forest_firesx.jpg Pesto, Kerb

2003vic_bear_pestox.jpg Bear, Pesto vic_devil_200312x.jpg Trust

2003vic_efekt_dysex.jpg Efekt, Dyse 2003vic_ghost_tributex.jpg Ghost tribute by ?

2003vic_hypex.jpg Hype and Kerb


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