Hull's real boom time was last summer, with established writers going crazy and new writers springing up to join in the action, and all culminating in the making of a film called 'Heartlands' by a local guy with lottery cash in tow. John Peel and his crew also came to the city and made a film including the writers Smell, Pinky and Spam. It's called 'Peel off the ring road' and the series starts on Channel 4 at the end of February. The Hull show is the fifth one in the series and should be on in late March... Watch out.

This year has seen a mellowing of the regularity of pieces, but has also seen some real big projects coming together. Perv and Admass elevated to painting some detailed 2-man burners, as well as Pinky, Smell (aka Ziml), Spam, Eko (who moved to London), Risk, Dust, and a guy who writes so many names I don't know what to call him, so let's call him Mad. Others who were out in one form or another were Has 2, Leebo, Ask/Africa, Acme/Halo, Numb, Bed, Moo, Shade, Paris, Sens, UNA crew (Mars, Pick, Rez, Abis etc) Detour, Ultra, Emen etc.

Pinky & Spam
Pinky, Admass, Ziml, Perv & Ekoe on the characters

Tagging has been at a constant, but the real development has been in bombing, with colour pieces appearing in the streets. Notable works are 'Bedzilla' by Bed, a few 'Numb' and 'Pog' pieces and the crazy main-road bridge pieces seen by 'Moo'.

Bedzilla Num & Pog Spam

A lot of graff workshops got done too, with a few crazy outcomes. One project worked with a bunch of young offenders in a secure unit and produced a mammoth 6 piece BURNER. The kids got helped to design their pieces on paper and also how to use the spraycans, but after that they rocked the wall by themselves in one-hour shifts. The style of the pieces resembles the early New York stuff, and it's a real insight into how graffiti develops for definite.