A few new publications have reached my desk in the last couple of weeks including a new issue of Best Foot Forward, a previously unreleased issue of Londonz Burning and a comic style publication called Fresh Ups.

If you'd like more informtion on any these, then drop me an email.

Also look out for the March issue of Front magazine. I'm reliably informed it will feature an interesting article on a well known train writer with action shots which haven't been published before.


"A train in Huddersfield railway station was attacked by graffiti artists as part of a co-ordinated campaign across Yorkshire, police believe. A coach at the station was daubed with the word 'Nayzel' in letters 3ft high and 10ft long.

The incident is one of a series of attacks on trains which took place over Christmas. They are thought to be the work of artists who got together over the Internet. Police believe artists use the railway system as a mobile exhibition of their art.

The worst incident took place at Skipton, where murals were scrawled on three trains and 14 others were daubed with paint. Other railway stations attacked on Christmas Day included Harrogate, Sheffield and Scarborough. A British Transport Police spokesman in Leeds feared that graffiti artists have set their sights on Yorkshire.

He said, 'We have never seen anything on this scale in the North before.' Apart from the incidents at Yorkshire stations Heaton depot in Newcastle was also targeted. 'The fact that incidents happened over 24 hours makes us believe it is co-ordinated, and from our past experience they are using the Internet to communicate'. 'We believe the Skipton incident was caused by a person or a crew who travelled there specifically to paint the trains', he added."

It wasn't just the North that took a slap, down in London there were loads of runners spotted on Boxing Day and the day after. Tubes by Rate, Fuel, Fig, Bozo, Spoe, Fume, Nigaz, Skola and Chang were all seen running at some point over Christmas and on the BR's there were bucket loads from Einz, Oker, Kems, FKF, Crac, Jabs, Skola, Katch, Dest, SFW and loads more.


Although not as busy as it was in the summer, the walls were still taking their fair share of action. Grove Park, Fulham, Tufnell and Plaistow all saw their fair share of productions. Along the tracks it's been rinced all around the Vauxhall, Waterloo and London Bridge area by Cot and Cos. The Big Met tracks have been slammed by Scan and Faze and there is plenty of new street bombing in many areas (especially Brixton).