Around London Town there are some writers currently smashing things sideways.

In the North and West along the lines and on the steets, Ancor & Cues, are rincing the place sideways with silver pieces and bombing.

Also in the North sides, fresh trackside and street actions has started to re-appear from Bosh and Sub, most notably around Neasden, Willesden and Harrow. Shown to the left is a roof-top just off the Holloway Road.

In the South there has been significant buffing action along a lot of the Connex lines, but one writer seems to be sewing up all the spots. Vamp has smashed it with trackwalks out of London Bridge and Clapham Junction.

The streets in South London are also taking their fair share of action, with the newly formed MZ boys hitting it hard. More of this can be seen on the illegals page in this Issue.

On the trains, we have another first (as far as I know). The first top to bottom wholecar painted with emulsion ... Dodo, Jaes & Off .. LDS do it again!!

There have also been a lot of visitors from foreign parts passing through London. We have various bits and pieces throughout the site. One shot that didn't seem to fit in anywhere, was this panel by Pum from France on the Docklands Light Railway.

If you've subscribed to the newsletter and not had one yet .. that's because I've not had a chance to get it together. I'll sort one out in the next few days for definite ..

On with the actions .............