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An update report on the Dortmund Train Scene.

I only need two words to describe what's happening in Dortmund for more than six years now: ULTIMATE DAMAGE! The city where action talks louder than words,home of Europe's most notorious writers, target of numerous steel-oriented graff-tourists and probably a nightmare to the german train company called DB. During the years of madness, many things have changed except for one: Bombed trains!

Unlike other cities where graff slowed-down to zero, massive attacks of the local train-system are the reason that there is always something running through Dortmund C.S. Main target are the silver and green/white local trains and the orange-coloured S-trains, both types connect Dortmund with the surrounding cities.

Subways get bombed on a regular basis too, but they usually dont get into service. Subway yards are protected by cameras and Security-Guards whereas local trains yards get checked by the bad ass Vandal-Squad which is recruited from the BGS, an army that is supposed to secure the german borders. After all, hitting trains in the Dortmund area is far from being an easy task...

Indeed, Dortmund is a nightmare for the German train company called DB; a few years ago, Manfred Pietschmann - Local Chief of DB - told the public: "At the moment we are totally fed up, we stop buffing trains at the moment because it only gives fresh new space for the vandals!" Damn true! Unfortunately they fight the vandalizm with rolling out the panels with a white line or even the Vandal Squad seems to have an own tag: PKC. Rumours say that it means Piece Killing Crew. FUCK PKC! That kind of stuff resulted only into more damage, alot of flops,tags and cross-lines appeared at that time - which is probably a big difference to other german cities, like munich or berlin. if you are lucky to see a panel in service in those cities, you probably only see a clean piece and no damage beside or on other cars. Consider Dortmund the german capital city of DAMAGE, no doubt about that!

1997 FRESH!

It's not anymore like in the golden days, the DB changed a couple of train types, the silver trains are only a small percentage of all trains now. 90% of the local trains running through Dortmund are now 2 or 3 parted green/white trains and orange s-trains, plus they recently put a few prototype RED local trains in service.

The DB usually is buffing more often now, the 3-parted trains get cleaned within a week now, the s-trains might run a few days up to a few weeks if you are lucky. On the other side, the 2-parted trains get heavilly bombed , i guess 90% of all 2-parted trains in the Dortmund Area are killed. Alot of Whole-cars / Whole-trains were done on those trains this year, mostly silver because of limited time. Long distance trains get done sometimes, but are not very important to the local writers, because they want to see their stuff IN the Dortmund Area, even if its only for a day until it gets cleaned.

So tell me who is most up in Dortmund right now ? Well, security is taken VERY serious down here. Alot of different names appear on the trains every day, some people are forced to change names every day because its safer. People have alot to loose here, its not childsplay ! Therefore i gonna mention a couple of Crews which got shit running regulary: TUF,TFP,WRL,BFBS,UGG,CMD,DOS,D77 and most recently a crew of newcomers called DBP pulled out about 50 trains in less than 2 weeks. Check out the flixx on the other pages, some people dont write crew-names in their panels, but bomb alot on the other cars, but you might guess who is who anyways.

Dortmund is probably one of german's most visited city by foreign graff-tourists, people from all over Europe, Australia and New York wanted to leave their name on the local trains. They usually team up with local friends who take them to the yards and lay-ups, so the tourists take a nice souvenier back home. The list of visitors is endless, a few were even able to take part in Whole-trains, like Atome & Kasino from Australia (double-sided whole-train) and Sezam & Fint from Paris/ France (last whole train on famous platform#2, 90% finished because of chase). Like every summer, a couple of foreign people spend their vacation here to taste the real Dortmund Flavour - pure train vandalizm! Expect some update news about this subject here later this year - watch out!

You probably can understand that i didn't get into details here, as there might be cops surfing the net and give a few people alot of trouble. Anyway, i hope you enjoyed reading those lines and drop me an e-mail if you want more of that in the future! You can also check out the Dortmund steel in the German trains part.

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