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Dortmund's scene
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The 1997 Utrecht update

One of most notorious yards in Europe is to be found in Holland. Utrecht is located right in the centre of the Netherlands and has always been right in the middle of all the action ! Sure all of you know those good lookin' banana's.

Back in the days,- early/mid eighties - the damage started to get it's first forms by crazy kings like the WOW crew. Late eighties some young guns stood up to from the LIL, they did crazy damage for over 3 years, to stop when they were right on top of everything. That's when some of them decided to form one of the hardest crews that europe ever witnessed: the MSN...

They had battles at Utrecht for 5 years and did more than you and your friends can imagine. Writers, i'm sure you've all heard about, so i don't need to mention their names (with my regards to the boys in blue). At around 1994 some old and new names joined the field and the damage was complete. Whole cars were runnin' every week, as well as the biggest burners and a huge amount of panels !

Unlike some other great european cities, the bannana's in Utrecht get buffed within' the day. There have been times that shit ran for a week, but that is a long time ago. The good part of it all is that you see new stuff everytime !

Last 1,5 year some new crews teamed up and kept the action going. SDG, LGD, OFW did their thing, and the MOA's got together with the MSN: you know what that means...Also LTA crew did some hard actions. Only end 2 end's, no tiny panels here but 7 or 8 windows for each piece !!

The Vandal squad is a problem, like everywhere, they could check the yards for 2 weeks straight, twice a night, or they give it some rest. But still you have to know their route etc.. Thanx to a new law in Holland, it's not really grafitti they'll bust your ass for, but being a member of a criminal organisation !!! So be carefull out there, it ain't just some cool action club you can join: Graffiti on trains in Holland is serious ! Lately shit runs on a easy level but i can assure you that everyone is just waiting to explode, and there will be much more to write about in the future...

Utrecht will never die !

Warning: Don't get to excited by this article and rush of to Utrecht because it still holds the hardest yards in Holland. To do shit over there you have to team up with an insider because you probably won't make it on your own. And even if you do, you'd do it in 10 minutes and that is a disrespect to all to great names you've read above ! Don't forget to check out Utrecht's steel in the bananas part.

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