The main reason I'm late for this issue was down to my participation in the Urban Games/Board X event held on Clapham Common over the weekend of the 30/31/1 of July & August. Around 45 writers from around the UK were painting over the 3 days on the hoardings around the site. Full review and photos will be in Issue 6.

The other large event to take place in the UK this summer, Vapour 700, is reviewed in this Issue.

Magazines and other media

There are plenty of new magazines, both homegrown and from abroad, now available. Tower Records is holding a good stock of Bomber Magazine and Xplicit Graffix including many of the back issues. A new, predominantly hip-hop based, magazine called Big Daddy features a number of pages of UK graf which is set to expand in subsequent issues. Whispers also reached us that Issue 2 of Hold No Hostage was out and about, but I've yet to see a copy.

On the zine front, Issue 2 of Suburban Criminal Network is out now (more info from and Issue 6 of Best Foot Forward can also be had (more info from

One new video release from the Visual Graffix stable has reached my desk this month .. titled 'New York State of Mind'. For more information, drop Kilo a line at

Remember Steam from those early Hip Hop Connection days ... he's presenting a slide show of 'spray can art images from around the world' at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon on the 25th of September. Drop him a line at for further information.

Actions around town

Lots of big walls getting done here in London .. notable missions include the whole wall at Tufnell, several productions in Londons forgotten hall of fame, Fulham, and some big collaborations down Westbourne Park.

On the steel, it's been stains, stains and more stains. Several visits to Charing Cross, Victoria and London Bridge resulted in us seeing many buff marks and rooftop reaches. Hard to say what's what, but it appears that quite a lot is getting done. On the tubes, word has reached us that several yards are receiving heavy treatment from GFS, TNS, SB, DDS, LDS and STD.