Who am I? I'm Shok1 and i started writing when I was 14 back in '84. I started out in East Anglia out in the sticks, but was in london as often as possible so that was my major influence back then. Moved to the Midlands in 1989 but have painted all over the UK since then. Not interested in representing an area! Just myself and our crew SINstars (SIN = Strength In Numbers) - me, Kilo, Skore, Skire and Kato and others. We don't get to paint together as often as we would like because we are so far apart but when we do we have a really good rapport with each other and I like how we can work together like a proper team..

7 Deadly Sins 1997

When I was at school, I was banned from art classes before O'level standard in 1983. I was a pretty wild kid back then and I fucked up the art classes constantly because I thought that the textbook exercises we had to paint were boring basically because they were about technique and not being creative. But I didn't let that stop me.

"real?" Coventry 1995

Right now i make a living from my illustration work, journalism and painting skills, and also doing workshops to teach kids about art. I refused to do any art for money for about the first 7 years- I was really into street bombing up until maybe 89-90. Before that me and my friends were into hanging about getting into shit, smashing things up.. We used to nick supermarket trollies and chuck them off carparks and throw bangers at each other. That was the level that we were on so the illegal shit was instantly appealing to me. I always racked and still do although i don't need to much these days. Don't just rack to make a point because that would be pretentious, playing the role. I think you rack as a means to an end, to get it if theres no other way. I've been arrested for graff about 5 times, but always got out of it. Worse I ever got was a conditional discarge in 87.

Flyer Art

I've written quite a bit for this spot. Everything I wrote is my opinion only. I'm not trying to define this culture of ours because its too big for one person or attitude to define. I'm just telling you how I see it. If you don't agree with what I say then hopefully it will reinforce your own opinions..