Despite the terrible weather, the past couple of months have seen a continuation of what was happening through the summer ... in fact, there seems to be more of than ever going on. The train company's seem to have relaxed their zero-tolerance stance with damaged trains, and many panels have been seen running. Enza, Zelda, Isah, Mesa, Memo, Lern and Gosh have all had panels running through London and Bosh has been killing the Northern's with many bombs.

The walls have been a mixed bag, with some places taking it hard, while others have become a bit stagnent. Fulham seems to be in favour at the moment for big productions, whilst Tufnell, Camden, Plaistow all remain steady.

'It's All About the Name' Score TRC (Fulham)

Also worth mentioning this month is the amount of fly-poster and sticker action happening around London. Check the Flabatron and Andre the Giant posters all round Soho plus many other writers going for various styles of sticker action on every conceivable piece of street furniture.

On the magazine and video front, there's been a few notable release ... Hold No Hostage 2 is now available (although I've yet to see a copy). Very good things are being said about this second issue, so hunt it down!! The ever impressive Bomber 19 was released just a couple of days ago, so look out for that in your local Tower Records.

The latest UK video to be released is Solvent Abuse 3 (what happened to 1 & 2!!!). 40 minutes of action from Newcastle, London and Amsterdam .. one for the collectors. One other video well worth tracking down is Dirty Hands from the Xplicit Graffix team. About as hardcore as it gets.

Finally, just about everyone is jumping onto the millenium bandwagon, so we thought we'd have a go as well. We want to know your top 5 UK writers of the millenium. It's good and cheesy .. but maybe in 5 or 10 years time it could be a good historical reference (well that's my justification!!) Just fill out the form below and hit the [VOTE] button. Simple. The results will be published in Issue 8.