Bozo MTS & Zombie (West Brompton, District 1999)

"I reckon thats a complete bluff, which they paid to publish to try and scare artists. I bet they haven't caught shit. Don't believe what you read in the papers!" (GEQ)

"In the last couple of weeks, ZELDA and GUSTO have done dubs on underground trains and these dubs were on the trains for about a week. I have recently done a dub on a underground train without getting caught." (Cult)

"Writers just got to hold it down. Some writers get arrested and tell BTP whats what." (Death)

"I don't beleive a word of it. Propaganda! Lies! Falsehoods! Although one of my boyz did get arrested recently at some yard in North London. As for writers coming from broken homes and being fucked up individuals, only about 10% if that, from the writers I've met have seemed even slightly nuts. The rest have been quite balanced individuals." (Ream/Devious/Rambo)

Gash SB (Northern 1999) Paws RIP (District 1998)

"Even if they catch the old writers the new kids coming out are not going to get discuraged. The newjacks will write long after the old writers retire and this will be an ongoing cycle to the end of time. Also die hard writers like fume, teach, bozo, zonk and many others in DDS will never give up the tubes and new members will keep that going." (Al)

Blink (Northern 1999) TKZ (Touch) (Northern 1999)

"Its all media processed anti-art propaganda. Fuck vandalism. Things that get put up on steel are never vandalism - even just tags - its all art, even the last fed I spoke to agreed with me on that.

I think there is a strong divide between people that go out to piece and step back and think - 'Shit, that looks good it makes me proud that I can do that', and the heads that go out and scratch windows and fuck up people's houses. I'm not saying that people shouldn't be out bombin, cause no artist can deny the buzz you get when your out on a mission. I just think that the media and the BTP have got their labels seriously mixed up." (Luke)

Mr Nevs SB (District 1998) Bluh (District 1998)

"Honestly, why don't these authoritarian-obsessed law enforcers use some logic and innovative thinking!!!!! Maybe, if they legalised some walls or public structures, perhaps they would not have such a task on their hands! No more money would have to be wasted in cleaning or repainting again and again, they could use the saved resources on more THREATENING aspects of crime...these talented youths would get the recognition they crave and be able to exercise their creativity, whilst at the same time beautifying our urban jungles, increasing the public's appreciation of art, giving our youths something to do, and perhaps inspiring and encouraging them in their possible career paths!!! WAKE UPPPPPPPPPPP silly establishment!!!! Get cracking, start making some sort of system where we could make some positive use out of this instead of just creating problems for everyone involved. It's art and does not need to be a crime, we can work it out." (Fluker)

Mafia GFS (Metropolitan 1999)