DeOne - Uxbridge Yard damage 1999

"It always amazes me to see your photo's on this page as I travel everyday from Wembley Park to Uxbridge and never see ANY tube art. Mind you, Uxbridge yard has just been slapped, about 3 Picadilly have been sitting there all week.

Graf is a criminal act, no doubt about it but I enjoy looking out for new dubs and peices on my way into work and also like to see writers improving as their work becomes more consistant and detailed. I think the yard patrol must have it sussed as like I say I don't see anything on tubes anymore." (Dime)

Khan XL (Central 1999) Vega GFS (Ham & City 1999)

"They know a lot but not enough, that's the way it will always stay. If you've been caught once, they know you, there's nothing you can do about that so keep painting." (Eaze)

"When are they gonna wake up and relaise that taggin will not be brushed under the carpet. Its been around nearly 30 years and it aint gonna disapear. Every day a piece is seen and another mind is inspired.. They cant stop free will and expression. Graf is a world wide art form and can not be stoped." (Juice 6)

'CNN' Choc CNN (Piccadilly) 'DOS' Ansi & Sensa DOS (Piccadilly)

"How on earth can they say that they caught 75% of Underground graffiti artists? How could they ever know exactly how many there are out there?" (Dylan)

Brian SB (District 1999)