BRF - British Rail Fanclub

The crew consists of Pizer, Bich, Jab and Sye. We started hitting up BRF in about 98 I think. All of us have been writing a good few years, mostly brought into the scene by the usual shit like Subway Art, Wildstyle etc...etc..

The scene up this end its pretty shit compared to London and that!! Cambridge has seen a fair few visitors over the years, thats about the nearest thing we've got to a scene up this way, which is a shame! But not to much of a problem as we mostly travel to places like Nottingham, spots in London, Bristol, Chelsmford and Cambridge. Basically anywhere our stuffs gonna get seen!! As we're all country bumpkins we've gotta stick it in your faces to let you know that we're out there as well!!

Piz & Bich (Bristol) Bich (Cambridge) Mone (Peterborough)
Pizer (Cambridge) Piz (Cambridge) Bich (Cambridge)
Piz (Cambridge) Piz (Cambridge) Bich (Cambridge)

As some may have noticed our stuff is a bit different to other peoples stuff. I think its down to the fact that we dont really give a shit if we go wrong and fuck up our pieces, from trying something new!! None of us plan our pieces really .. we just meet up with our outlines and a stack of paint and just chuck it on the wall and make things look as mad as possible. Some writers dont like it I think ...? But who gives a fuck!! We pretty much paint for our selves really. I suppose its a matter of opinion, like I'm not keen on big arty farty productions - I know their good, but i'd much rather see big dubs or phat ass letters wobbling across the doors of a train. Elk is the man for fat dubs ... no question! The mans got style!!

Piz & Bich (retired Northern Line)

I find it hard to understand how you can be a writer and not do illegal stuff, its not about breakin the law .. its about gettin up!! Putting what you write in the street and in peoples faces!! Its like trains .. I think writers should paint trains! Graff started on trains, graff looks good on trains, graff should be on trains! Anyone who doesn't paint trains or do illegal stuff is an aerosol artist ... not a writer!!! Perhaps I'm wrong? Thats just my point of view!! Painting trains is really something ... the whole action of it is something I could never give up, not now!! All the train heads will know what I'm talking about. I should think all the wall boys probably think were just doing it to catch wreck, thats how it starts!! But for me, painting steel is just that good .. its worth doing just for fun. I'm not trying to say look at us we're 'hardcore', because its not that at all. The people doing the big productive walls and shit, are probably more artistic than some of us will ever be!! But at least our lives are exciting and not the bullshit nine to five lifestyle!! There is nothing better than slapping a fat piece on a train after a hard weeks work, it kinda makes it feel worth while ... if ya know what I mean.

Piz Dinsa Piz

Its train writers who I respect and make me wanna go painting. As for what influences our stuff .. for me and Bich, we're definetly inspired by things like sweet wrappers, cartoons, the odd childrens program and a bit of porn here and there!! Just things that are colourful, and yes!! you boys at N-igma are correct, drug use does play a major part in the ideas for both the fill-in's and the outlines. I think the way things are going its just gonna get more twisted and fucked up!?!

Piz 'British Rail Fanclub'

I rate European graff quite highly, their stuff is just crazy!! Crazygraff is the way forward I reckon. Its alot more flexible you can just throw it up anyhow and it will still look kool. Its a good thing if you painting steel and need to be quick!!

Things for the future, put it this way ... things are gonna get pretty expensive for the Railtrack massive!! This year im gonna make it my business to to hit the tracks and trains as hard as possible, more steel is definetly what I want to do!! Another shot at the "Eurostar" would be fresh! Some might know we hit it back in about 97 or 98, I look at that now as a waisted opportunity. I wasn't happy with the piece I dropped at all!! If i got a chance now I'd bust a pretty nice piece, that has always bugged me , but on the up side... its kinda kool that we managed to hit it!! I've got plans to travel to Europe this year and socialise with the rolling stock! I really wanna stain those trains they have in Dortmand .. you know the ones that are light blue with silver window frames!! They are cool trains man!! Also I'm lookin to hook up with more writers this year, try and spread out a bit .. get a bit more in the thick of it ... so the BRF bumpkins will be on tour!! I don't think many writers have really heard of us!! I just hope we can make an impact on people and get reconised. At the momment I think our status aint nothing special, but thats going to change.

I'd like to give respect to everyone giving Railtrack a hard time .. keep it up!! Watch this space ....