If you take the WAGN line from Liverpool St. to Hertford North and get off in Ware you'll find the remains of an old set of warehouses. Itıs currently being demolished, but until recently, the place was a good source of wall space with plenty of room inside and out, as well as walls visible from the tracks.

Arcae Tase & Fact

The warehouses brought a welcome dose of graf to an area that doesn't really see a lot of action past bombing and a few dubs that either get buffed straight away, or are in obscure locations anyway. We have our share of doggers, but apart from the odd bit of mindless scribbling on one or two pieces and an incident where part of one of the larger walls (complete with a Tase piece on it) was kicked down, people either leave the place alone, or seem to respect the stuff on the walls enough to not want to ruin it. In fact, there is a fair bit of harmless toy action in some of the rooms that show that people are being inspired by all the graffiti there in some way or another.
Peru Fact Tase Amor & Bue

Before the place started getting visited by writers, it was inhabited by travellers (or whatever the polite term is!) who lived there until shortly after some of the earlier dubs went up (they were done on the outside walls as, obviously, there were people living on the inside). The gypsy's legacy obviously lived on in the place as, since they left, some strange Blair Witch Project-type stuff  went on like dead pigeons being strung up in circles from the ceiling and bits of wire and string hung up everywhere.
Tase CBK Tase & Arcae

Since people have been painting there (there are still dubs by If, Doze, Tase, Sere and Bue from circa 93) most of the  walls have been pieced and gone over countless times, although some walls from 97 by Rough, Arcae and various CBK members remained until they were knocked down. In the last year or so it's really only been a handful of us painting there (Tase, Bue, Fact, Amor, Peru, Arcae, me and one or two visits by Skore, Tens and Croks) so space hasn't been a problem. Shown on this page are some photos of the more recent stuff, from the end of 98 to just before Christmas.

Text : Pola/Ecto

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