Canterbury Bombs "What a quintessential marriage of cool and style to write your name in giant separate living letters, large as animals, lithe as snakes, mysterious as Arabic and Chinese curls of alphabet, and to do it in the heat of a winter night when the hands are frozen and only the heart is hot with fear"
(Mailer, 1974)
This is Canterbury Bombs - a little section of the Web devoted to showing you the graffiti from Canterbury, Kent, in the UK. Many people consider Canterbury to have a graffiti problem. After all, it is one of the worst hit towns of its size the UK. It can't compete with the likes of London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, etc, but there certainly is a small thriving artistic community here as the following few pages will prove to you. So stick around.
These pages are finally updated again after a few problems. In the past few months Canterbury has seen some quality pieces go up again, things are looking up...

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