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with Vitché, Jonone 156 & Flip, 1999


AC: You guys paint some intricate characters. It looks like you are illustrating stories. What kind of stories are you telling? OG: We divide our paint mode in two. Sometimes our heads are here, sometimes our heads are there (in Tritrez). When we are here, we report our vision of day-to-day life, simple scenes; sometimes, a simple scene, sensually rich. We suffer much influence from our country, our folklore and our people. We are looking for more and more roots. When we are there, we only report scenes from a magic and real place that lives inside us, a real dream, the scene of our own universe, a place called "Tritrez."



AC: Why yellow? OG: For many reasons. We like the fact that in passing a place from far away and by seeing only the colour, you can recognize whose work it must be. There is a spiritual side too, that completes and balances all.

Santiago, Chile, 1998

Santiago, Chile, 1998

S.P., 2000
AC: Are there any female writers in Brazil today? How many, and what are some of their names? OG: There are few, for example, Nina. Her work is original. We think in the future more girls will be appearing.

Emuse (from California) and Os Gemeos in S.P. Brazil (photo © and courtesy of Emuse)

AC: Do the trains in S.P. get painted? OG: Yes, but the paint is removed right away, so stuff doesn't last.


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