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AC: What happens when the police catch graffiti writers in Brazil? Are the penalties severe? OG: There is an anti-graffiti law, and they punish writers with jail time. But really each police officer makes his own law. It depends on the place where you paint. Maybe nothing happens, or maybe you will go to jail with traffickers and murderers until you receive your sentence. It is all relative, there are officers who follow the law and others who want to make their own laws...

with Vitché, 2000


AC: We are told in documentaries that breaking comes from a dance that originated in South America. Is capoeira still practiced? Are other forms of breaking going on in São Paulo?

OG: Brazil has very strong folklore and culture surrounding capoeira. It is a dance practiced in all Brazil and it burns in the north of our country. Some capoeira teachers converted to the break dance revolution. Many b-boys use capoeira moves. There are b-boys who worry about doing power moves and forget about the dance, the simple freeze. We think that it could be unified. There are b-boys who do amazing power moves... Things here were good starting in the 1980s through the early 90s. Later it was called the Rap explosion, and after the visit of Guetto Original, it burns again.

There are today good groups making information available to new b-boys and b-girls who live on the periphery.

in Germany, 1999

in progress

finished, in S.P., 2000
AC: Do you guys do other kinds of art, canvases, sculpture, etc.? OG: Yes, we paint canvases, make sculptures, objects and other art forms. We are also graphic designers and photographers.


AC: What did you like best about your recent European tour? OG: Well, it was very interesting. We stayed in Europe much of last year absorbing another atmosphere. We met many other artists who we painted with, teaching things to each other. Saying what we liked best is more difficult. It was good to see our friends and to make new friends. There are always good things happening there. Europe has such a great graffiti scene.


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