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Art and images © copyright 2002, Os Gemeos fiz@uol.com.br and Art Crimes.

These photos are of a sponsored project in Sao Paulo, Brazil, painted in October 2001. For information about the project, contact anarkismografico@hotmail.com . Organized and produced by AG Crew: Vitche, Herbert, Os Gemeos, and Nina (all from Brazil) and German artists: Loomit, Codeak, Tasek, and Daim. The artists developed the theme themselves, together. The mural is larger than 1000 sq ft (300 sq meters). Theme: Air, earth , water, and fire. The tree of life, poetry, tales and great literary writers from around the world.


og2001esm.jpg og2001bsm.jpg og2001asm.jpg og2001csm.jpg

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