Here it is, one of the hottest Halls Of fame in Europe during the 80's.
Where there used to be buildings was a very big Hall Of Fame. A piece of land surrounded by various types of wall. I visited the spot a few times and by swapping received a lot of pix of this Hall Of Fame. It was situ8ed within a busy quarter but the people walking by hardly knew which artistic battles were fought on the other side. Other artists who had their pieces up there were Lokkis, Ash2, Skki and much more. Well, go ahead click the pix...

Awesome Bando, anyone got a better pic?? SENSHOEDEEN and MODE2 char. SENSIGN just beautiful
Bando at night Bando Mai Mode Virus at daytime Bando, a classic.
Jaid by Bando Sens on the streetside Z ROCKERS same wall on the inside.

Stalingrad Paris Paris Amsterdam Excusions Railroad trax
Sens All Over S Experiment Wanted
Why? Trains?? Sketches of Bando Art Crimes
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