This is the wanted section. I urge you to read it if you are willing and able to help me with my quest. With these pages I gave all of you access to my TOP picture collexion. But as all collexions, it is not complete. And there is where you come in. Yes you can make a difference for me by helping out.

This is what I am looking for:
I am looking for a better picture of this one at Stalingrad Paris.

Here you see a picture from a picture of Bando's Blackbook.
I only have the last part of it HERE.
This was SNOWBOARD. A magnific piece does anybody know anybody who MIGHT have it uncrossed.

I only have a photcopy of this picture, does anybody have the original or a scan??

I know Bando did 2 very big pieces along the Seine river together with Mode2 called:

Voluntary defacing of public property

I do have the full colour version, the first one but I know there is a second version but then a complete silverpiece. In a newer style. Maybe Mode2 was not involved in the second.

If anybody knows a way of getting in touch with Bando please let me know. I know he is currently in New York (0398) but I think he doesn't paint on the walls anymore.

Thank you in advance..

Stalingrad Paris Paris Amsterdam Excusions Railroad trax
Sens All Over S Experiment Wanted
Why? Trains?? Sketches of Bando Art Crimes
Please touch for direct contact.