Why I cre8ed these pages you ask me?? Well I am a graffiti artist myself and also a collector of graffiti pix. Through swaping pix with guys from aall over Europe I gathered a unique collexion. My favorites are:

I was responsible of starting up the dutch swap ring of sketches and photos. Also one of the 3 founders of BOMBER the graffiti magazine.
Also contributing to other magazines as True Colorz, Freestyle (first Dutch graf.mag. ever). My mission is to spread graffiti all around and lift it to a level of respected art. Because it IS!! I witnessed a lot of the very best graffiti in Holland. In my view the dutch graffiti scene, concerning the developments of style, is the best in at least Europe. BUT that is only my opinion based of what I have seen. (And that is a lot, I can ensure you)
These pages are for all of you who haven't seen these worx B4. Let them be an inspir8ion for you, these are the graffitiroots we all share.

Peace to you all...
Respect Graffiti!!

Stalingrad Paris Paris Amsterdam Excusions Railroad trax
Sens All Over S Experiment Wanted
Why? Trains?? Sketches of Bando Art Crimes
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