The Twins' Story

(The Twins tell their story on the first and third panels of text, wrapping theirs around Viché's story in the middle. From the mural by Os Gemeos and Vitché, São Paulo, Brazil, in 1999 - English translation thanks to armis2 The story was written in Portuguese. Pictures of the original text are below.)

Once more the sun goes down... one more sunset. And one more foggy cold day..., golden sun, the breeze from the valley smells like flowers The frozen mass hides and releases itself, where patience becomes a current flow and walks gently ... Life goes on, without looking back. Everything goes on uninterruptedly. Magic is just what blind people can see ( ). Sometimes things get tough and we remain silent. But He will keep on looking at us, just like as the cycle of life never got tired of showing the immensity of the explicit arts, molded at each moment. A scene. A breeze. A shade of colour. A look. A place. Where a butterfly finds it own place... how would flying be like? Flying... sometimes we do fly, but without even noticing it. Flying... we fly over an ocean, with no place to land and we go on, tired, towards the end. Not knowing where to stop, He will always be there... and we will not worry about when and where to arrive... The eternal transition. Life will always be there on its valleys and, just slightly remembering what is past, I remember that we enjoyed looking at "people" people. We closed our eyes and listened around, and calmly we remained silent, listening to the magic of the silence, looking, with an empty look that sometimes wandered until completely blind ... We remained silent, [starts again on 3rd panel] slowly blinking our eyes and our hands fidgeting about, looking at anything, betting on the strangest moments, trying to see anything and all we could see was "looks" wandering, empty looks, blind looks ( ). Then sometimes we decided to go out and write ... as a self-reflection. Life was taking on other shapes, other colours, other smells. The cycle never ends, there are proofs all around us ... we fly, and the wind and all the elements make us company ... ( ) ... beyond those mountains another valley exists ... ( ) and beyond those clouds, up on that mountain, the ice remains intact. Forever ... the course of history will never be changed.

(Vitché's story from the second panel)

Ship's Log

I hoist the sails of my boat and let myself be drifted away to wherever my heart takes me. The sea is dark, calm and silent. I smoke tobacco in my old pipe. The night is cold, there is no one in the deck; the compass seems to be moving aimlessly, just like the smoke that comes out of my pipe, lighted by the full moon which has the huge sea as its mirror, apparently sleeping. My eyes look far away, aimlessly. I listen to the sound of the waves crashing against the prow, the stars run in the sky like kids playing ... My heart calms down in peace, recalling farewells and memories. I come abreast of my boat of dreams, happy to know that there will be new encounters. The smoke from my pipe wanders through the past and foresees the future ... It's really magical ... Everything breathes ... Everything lives without searching for a meaning ... Light becomes home to nature. The magic flourishes and technology is now part of a distant past ... This is the eternal conquest, sailing dark waters in search of light ... Searching for dreams. Dreaming. Dreaming and making others dream ... Close your eyes, you have just entered the world of dreams and imagination, you can visit the past or the future, you can fly. Walk under the water, travel long distances at the speed of thought. Walk In a sunny afternoon, in a field covered with white daisies ... Full of life ...Fated to one more starry night ... You can think of good or bad things. You have the freedom to do so, you are in command of your thoughts and of the energy of your body. You have the choice to take the bad thoughts into the world of dreams and imagination and make them into good and when you open your eyes, even if the world remains unchanged, you can take with you not just a daisy, but a whole field of them and give them to other people ... Even if those people do not believe in a world of dreams and imagination ... It will live forever in the house of light and within those people that one day wished to believe in the great magic of being alive ...

Sometimes you may be in several places! ... Places where there is no light, like the night. But the day will come into being and bring shadow ... Somewhere ... Even if it is far, too far away, where the sheltered clouds drift searching for shapes ... Rootless and homeless ... Just like wandering thoughts, making a story come true ... A story that for many may not yet be clear; it's just bodies wandering with no thoughts. The houses are empty here ... I am not alone ... The trip is good and aimless ... I enjoy it ... I need nothing more. The coffee and cream is hot ... Hei!. Wait! I need some fresh toasts ... And do not forget to lower the sails ... The wind needs some rest ...

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