The Past: Cambridge started to get busy early in 83. The legendary CHOCI was first followed by hundreds more, most notable were people like CAPS, CRE, HOPE, KICKS, SIEGE, and of course TOE who absolutely destroyed the place in the early nineties.

The Present: The bridge has fell off over the last few years, things still get done but there's a lot of halfheartedness about the scene. A few people stand out though, SIEGE rocks some amazing walls and the man like ZIMS, PWS is up all over the place.

Siege Siege Zims

Visitors: Cambridge has had famous visitors since the beginning, believe it or not Mare 136 from NYC (yes him of Style Wars and Subway Art fame) lived here for a little bit, as did true NY old schooler HONDO. As any one who has scene that copy of Gtism knows the freight yard brought us a lot of national talent, other than that members of THE FRESH WONS, BRF, PWS visit regularly.

Worm & Petro
Sye, Mone & Piz BRF

The Future: The future is bright the FTR boys are young but on the rite tracks, and people like SABER who have been around for a few years have started to rock some real burners.