Don : aka Paul Smith, started out in '83 - heavily influenced by the film Beat Street + as a member of a breaking crew, combined hip hop dance + rap with graff art. Finding himself drawn more to the art side of the culture, he began tagging + outlining on trains + trackside walls. Constantly reminded of the legal standpoint on graffiti, he turned these 'negative' aspects into the positive, tutoring @ an East End school - constructively educating the children towards the mural form of graffiti art. Don feels his involvement with graffiti has contributed greatly to his understanding + appreciation of the broader spectrum of the art world, playing a major part in his professional career as an art department assistant. He is currently working with a production designer on a feature film + has also incorporated his graff work into several commissions for commercials + tv work. In doing so, Don promotes the art from the street - to a more diverse media.

Don, Farringdon 1989 Don, 1991 Don, Canvas 1992
Don, Canvas 1997 Don & Fued train hopping Don 1989
Don, Canvas 1997 Don, Kew W/house 1992 Syra (Don), Canvas

Phed :

Phed, Kingston 1990 Phed, Westbourne 1991 Phed, S/berry Hill, 1990